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Browse through the latest information and an archive of stories related to the wide number of industries we serve. Most releases are available not just in English but a number of other languages too. Something new is happening all the time, so make sure you visit these pages frequently.

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E-powered race car driving fast
Sealing Technology for the GreenTeam
Powering e-race cars at the University of Stuttgart As an official sponsor of the University of Stuttgart's GreenTeam, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides prospective engineers with seals and se...
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Two people on a boat fishing in Norway
Why did the salmon cross the road
When Atlantic salmon head upriver to spawn, they fill Norway’s magnificent rushing waterways with some of the finest fishing stocks in the world. Here’s how Trelleborg is helping to pr...
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The Port of Langnas in the Baltic Sea on the archipelago of Aland
Moor bang for the buck
Långnäs port, located in the archipelago Åland in the Baltic Sea, is a busy place with intensive ferry traffic traveling between Sweden and Finland. Here a new rope-free automated...
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Open space office with 5 people working
New Dubai office
Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation has relocated its headquarters and Dubai marine fender sales operation to Jafza One, a new, premium commercial complex in the heart of Jebel ...
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Elastomeric bearing hangs in two hooks
Trelleborg Awarded Fast Track Contract by MODEC
Trelleborg’s offshore operation has been awarded a fast track contract to produce over 80 laminated elastomeric bearings for MODEC, the leading specialist for offshore floating solutions. The firs...
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Forklift with Trelleborg XP tires lifting concrete bricks
No more dancing forklifts
When a concrete manufacturer in the Netherlands needed to upgrade the tires on its heavy-duty forklifts, it looked to Trelleborg for a solution. Here’s how the Elite XP is bringing added val...
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Trelleborg celebrates new solutions digitization and a birthday at SPE Offshore Europe
Trelleborg is looking forward to showcasing its new Vikotherm® R3 thermal installation material alongside Automated Fiber Placement Technology for creation of advanced composite structures at ...
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Ship out in the ocean surrounded by floating pneumatic fenders
The ocean clean up
In-line with its long-standing commitment to helping to ensure a more sustainable future, Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation is supporting The Ocean Cleanup and its bid to rid ...
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Daniela Mazza holding test printing blanket
Material Girl
From the gondolas of Venice to the fields of Lodi Vecchio, materials expert Daniela Mazza has traveled across Italy to finally arrive at Trelleborg, where she is part of an Innovation & New De...
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Trelleborgs products in the Renewable Energy industry
Let the sun shine in
Much of our energy consumption directly or indirectly depends on the sun. With solar energy’s share of the energy mix becoming bigger every year, the renewable energy portion of the total en...
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