Trelleborg’s magazine T-Time – about solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications



Trelleborg’s magazine T-Time has shifted to an online format and will no longer be printed and distributed by post to shareholders and other stakeholders. The online format lessens the environmental impact and takes advantage of the opportunities created by digitization and interactivity.


In the July edition one can read about:


A safe crossing

Trelleborg’s sealing systems for immersed tunnels, with a life expectancy of 120 years, protect infrastructure against water ingress, ground movements and water pressure.


Keyhole surgery for pipes

Customized solutions for virtually any trenchless pipe rehabilitation are offered by Trelleborg.


Wearable medication

A new generation of wearables is emerging and Trelleborg contributes to the realization of more wearable medical devices.


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T-Time is issued three times per year. The latest issue and previous issues are stored at