Trelleborg acquires sewer and drainage pipe rehabilitation market leader

Trelleborg Group has, through its business area Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, signed an agreement to acquire an operation within sewer and drainage pipe rehabilitation, specializing in the manufacture of machinery, robotics and liners, used in trenchless pipe repairs. The operation is part of the German-based privately owned company Innovative Sewer Technologies. The acquisition complements Trelleborg’s current trenchless pipe repair offerings with new technology and materials.

The operation has its head office and manufacturing in Bochum, Germany, with sales offices in Europe and North America, and a network of independent distributors. Sales amounted to approximately SEK 200 M in 2021.

“The market for trenchless pipe rehabilitation performed with glass fiber and Ultraviolet (UV) light curing technology is growing by a double-digit amount each year. The technology is established in Europe and on the rise in North America. This acquisition is therefore a strategic addition that strengthens Trelleborg's position in the pipe repair market. The acquired operation complements Trelleborg with its broad service offering, strong focus on R&D and entrepreneurial working methods. The acquisition provides synergies in both sales and production,” says Jean-Paul Mindermann, President of the Trelleborg Industrial Solutions business area.

Aging pipe infrastructure that results in increased risk for both undesirable leakage and infiltration is a growing problem in large parts of the world, that may cause unnecessary costs and environmental damage. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is an alternative to the traditional “open, cut and replace” method, with additional economic and environmental benefits.

The transaction is expected to be finalized before the end of the year 2022.