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Port or Terminal Owners & Operators

Trelleborg’s Marine & Infrastructure operation provides bespoke solutions that meet and exceed the safety and operational standards you expect.

With a comprehensive in-house process that takes responsibility for your solutions from design to installation and beyond, quality and responsibility is built into all Trelleborg’s systems.

Our marine fender, docking and mooring, ship performance, oil and gas transfer and surface buoyancy solutions are engineered on a case by case basis, to ensure you have the perfect solution for your project, helping you lower maintenance requirements and life cycle costs, whilst increasing uptime and profitability.

Optimize maintenance

Trelleborg’s Marine & Infrastructure operation has dedicated maintenance teams positioned across the globe, regionally and centrally, to support your operations and protect your investment, wherever you are.

To ensure safe, reliable and efficient ongoing operations, maintenance documentation is provided as standard. Our annual upkeep plans are developed in line with SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators) and OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) guidelines.

Coupled with this, Trelleborg provides on-site operator training to the highest industry standards, as well as access to a complete spare part inventory manufactured in our cutting edge, in-house facilities.

DP World, UAE, Port and Terminal owner


Our unrivalled track record, spanning over 30 years in the marine industry, means you can have total confidence that our state of the art, productivity enhancing equipment will meet and exceed the needs of the real world challenges of harsh marine and offshore environments.

Our entire product portfolio is built around the principles of safety and reliability: concepts that are as important to our business as they are to yours and mean that fail safe systems are engrained in our product and service solutions.

Our hardware and software solutions are developed with their operators in mind, and constantly refined to incorporate the views, experiences and future needs of our customers.

Just one example is the maintenance programs for our hooks and instrumentation solutions, which are streamlined to minimize any upkeep work by service crews, reducing downtime and improving productivity and revenue.

Increasing uptime

Trelleborg delivers record levels of uptime for customers thanks to the in-built reliability and robust nature of all our systems.

Our product portfolio has been developed to reduce downtime. This is achieved initially through quality of product design, manufacturing excellence, rigorous testing and an unwavering commitment to ‘installed right, first time’.

We also seek to continually optimize product lifecycles and maintain peak performance through our comprehensive aftersales services. Trelleborg will be on site, when you need us, wherever you are in the world to help keep your facility operational.

Senegal Port and Terminal

Life cycle costs

Our commitment to increasing uptime and productivity, and optimizing maintenance schedules, coupled with the specification of the highest quality materials, mean we can significantly reduce lifecycle costs. We take pride in the fact that there are successful projects around the globe where our solutions are still fully functioning and operational decades after installation. We’re committed to continuing to provide solutions that uphold our track record.

In our view, there’s no better way to evidence the benefits of taking a whole life cost approach than this.

However, we also recognize that longevity does not always correlate to efficiency. That’s why we employ custom designs for each and every industry specific project application. Our docking aid systems (DAS), for example, help safeguard jetty facilities and reduce the likelihood of costly incidents, while the quick release and remote release functionality of our hooks improve operator safety.

Our fender systems are designed to provide a long service life. By using the highest quality materials, we can engineer a robust and reliable product, that delivers value over the long term and keeps whole life costs low.

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