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Mooring buoy


Trelleborg’s Mooring Buoys are resilient, easy to handle, self fendering and requires minimal maintenance. 

Our mooring buoys are rapidly replacing traditional steel mooring buoys. This is because of their low maintenance, self-fendering resilient foam bodies and their ease of handling and repair whilst offshore. 

Resilient closed cell polyethylene foam is thermolaminated around a central tubular steel frame forming a flexible, impact resistant flotation core. The foam core is then coated in a high performance elastomer skin and two flanges are welded in position to secure the foam core firmly in place.


Resilient and easy to handle


Low maintenance




Flexible, impact resistant flotation core


Complete with beacon


Will not sink if outer skin is punctured


Options & Accessories

Connecting pad eyes, mooring rings etc. to suit client
Various release hooks
Radar reflector
Guard rail and anti-slip surface available


Temporary mooring of vessels in holding area
Additional support for larger vessels on undersize dolphins
Mooring of occasionally used Vessels
Remote mooring of vessels

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