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A floating barrier or boom, easily deployed and maintained, manufactured from Trelleborg's proven Foam Elastomer technology. 

Trelleborg's SeaBarriers are manufactured using resilient closed cell polyethylene foam which is thermo-laminated around internal steelwork and encapsulated within a tough, abrasion resistant, polyurethane elastomer skin. This proven technology affords durability and reliability in the demanding environments in which they operate.

Trelleborg Marine Systems has the ideal solution in providing a floating exclusion zone, or area on a fixed or temporary basis. 


Highly Visible


Easy deployment and fixing


Robust and self-fendering


High resistance to impact incurrsion


Available in customized sizes to suit client requirments


Will not sink if outer skin is punctured


Low maintenance


Options & Accessories

Sizes and colours
End fittings


Exclusion zones e.g. Around military Vessels
Anti-Terrorist small boat incursion barrier
Debris, human incursion into e.g. sluices/weirs


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