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LNG is increasingly being used as a marine fuel because of its clean-burning properties (enabling emission control compliance) and lower operating costs. The use of LNG in these application spaces, where small volumes of LNG are transferred, poses specific challenges requiring innovative technical solutions. 

Trelleborg’s Universal Safety Link (USL) takes long-standing industry practice and recommendation in the large-scale LNG sector and brings this same methodology into the small-scale sector. For example, the USL system provides main and backup systems as stipulated within ISO 28460:2010 (Petroleum and natural gas industries -- Installation and equipment for liquefied natural gas -- Ship-to-shore interface and port operations). Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure offers this via a main fiber optic system with an electric Emergency Shutdown Link (ESL) backup.

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Fibre-optic primary system using standard digital SONET data transmission


Secondary electric ESD system


Standard industry connector system


Operator screen shows local and remote LNG transfer arms/tanks


Single operator capability


Visual fuel tank read-out display


Transports additional data transfer


Compatible with existing Trelleborg's Ship-Shore Link (SSL) systems (via SSL upgrade)


Full optical primary and electric ESD secondary system


World-wide support network


⮚ Small scale LNG transfer
⮚ LNG fuelling
⮚ LNG bunkering

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