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Fuel is the single largest operational cost of running a vessel. Fuel costs are rising dramatically, and the key question occupying ship-owners, ship managers and charterers alike is; “In a competitive market how do we reduce the running costs of the vessels we operate while maintaining the level of service to our customer?" 

Our systems are modular in concept to enable all ship system configurations to be accommodated and for systems to be upgraded. Interfaces are used to link with all applicable onboard systems. The SPM-level 1 provides ship-operators with the tools to develop and maintain a strategy under the mandatory SEEMP as well as achieve real savings to remain competitive.

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Reduces fuel costs of up to 3%


Reduces emissions


Calculation of EEOI


Continuous calculation of ship efficiency


Proactive administration of mandatory SEEMP and other company specific KPIs


Increased vessel efficiency through continuous crew awareness of efficiency and potential for wastage


Data transmission via ship IT network for onshore monitoring & reporting for fleet management teams


Data transmission to Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure for on-going analysis and troubleshooting of efficiency issues


Rapid Return On Investment (ROI) within months



⮚ On-board monitoring of ship performance
⮚ Real time performance comparisons
⮚ Remote data transmission to shore based fleet management teams

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