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Draft Monitoring


Several configurations are available to meet the demands of individual applications. Unlike the simple draught transducers often provided as an add-on to a ballast gauging system, the purpose-built Precision Draught Monitor (PDM) is rugged and accurate under all extremes of trim and list.

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Centimetre accuracy


Stable readings despite waves and ship motion


Clear, easy to read displays


High reliability and ease of maintenance


EEx’ia’ transducers for Gas Tanker operation


Systems & Options

Variations in size of ship, hull design and the need to comply with differing national legislation, have led to a range of PDM systems being produced. These include:
4 Sensor type
2 Sensor type
2 Sensor with inclinometer type
Multiple sensor systems for special applications


⮚ Ferries
⮚ Dredgers
⮚ Floating docks
⮚ Barges and rigs
⮚ Bulkships and LNGCs
⮚ Floating linkspans

Applications and Markets

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