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Marine Protection Plate


Marine Protection Plates (MPP) are resilient bumpers designed for quays where small vessels are moored, protecting both the quay face and vessel from abrasion. MPP fenders have also been used at the push knee on some tugs and are ideal for applications where the distance between the boat and dock must be minimized. 

The design includes a heavy-duty steel back plate which is vulcanized into the rubber body so only a few fixing bolts are required. Trelleborg's MPPs are available with a flat or wave-patterned surface design.

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Heavy duty steel


Long lasting


Easy to install


Custom-made rubber surface


Customized dimensions


Superior quality rubber body with high abrasion resistance



⮚ Pontoon protection
⮚ Dock, jetty and monopiles protection where small vessels are moored
⮚ Ideal for appllications where distance reduction between boat and dock are required

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