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Donut Fenders are an effective solution for simple berthing dolphins, guiding and turning structures. The buoyant Donut floats up and down a single tubular pile and freely rotates to help align or redirect ships. The internal casing has long-lasting, low-friction bearings which need minimal maintenance. The foam is unsinkable and cannot burst or deflate. The Donut skin is durable polyurethane reinforced with continuous nylon filaments. 

Trelleborg's Donut Fenders are custom designed for every application. They can have supplementary buoyancy to present a raised contact face. The body can be additionally protected with rubbing strips to cope with ferry beltings. Bright colors are often used to improve visibility and safety.

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Freely rotates around a pile


Rises and falls with water level


Fast to install


Requires minimal maintenance


High performance


Low hull pressures


Will not mark ship hulls



Additional buoyancy tanks to raise fender height
Trim tanks to adjust and trim draft
Various netting options for heavy duty applications


Corner protection
Turning structures
Lead-in jetties
Simple breasting dolphins
Bridge protection

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