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Field proven since 1972 and installed in over 500 mooring facilities worldwide, Trelleborg’s SmartMoor Quick Release Hooks (QRH) are the foundation for today’s modern mooring systems, delivering improved safety and mooring security to clients worldwide. 

Available with double or triple hooks in capacities from 60t to 150t, each hook cantilevers from the mounting base and the design ensures the hook cannot impact the deck under any loading configuration. 

The SmartMoor QRH is designed to be released by an operator when a mooring line is attached, even under full load.

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Safe and reliable


Integral capstan


Low profile


Compact footprint


Compliance to international standards


Designed for hazardous area operation


Designed for ease of operation


Designed for remote release and load monitoring



⮚ LNG carrier berths
⮚ Oil berths
⮚ LPG berths
⮚ Bulk liquids berths

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