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Trelleborg's free-standing capstans provide a field-proven, safe and reliable method of hauling in the mooring line alleviating the need for mooring crews to haul in the lines manually. 

A critical part of the mooring operation, capstans need to be robust and reliable to ensure the line handling process is trouble-free and efficient. 

Capstans can be supplied for non-hazardous areas or as an explosion-proof certified unit for installation in hazardous areas. A range of capacities is available to suit many line handling applications.

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Ribbed capstan head and integral rope guide for improved line handling


Enclosed design for protection from harsh marine environment and mechanical damage


Reversible direction and automatic brake for improved operator safety


Rugged low profile footswitch for safer operator working



⮚ Oil & Gas
⮚ Bulk Mineral & Liquid Berths
⮚ Commercial (RoRo, ferry)
⮚ Container terminals

Applications and Markets


May be ordered to suit differing line handling requirements and mooring sites
Available as free standing or integrated within the Quick Release Hook unit
Custom capacities and configurations available on request, such as dual speed and alternative line pull speeds,
hazardous area compliant, alternative capstan heads to suit various line handling needs

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