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Hawser Reeler


Trelleborg’s Hawser Reelers minimize manual handling of the hawser and chafe chain to create safer working conditions for the crew. It also provides storage that helps prolong hawser life whilst minimizing deck space and weight for tandem mooring operations. 

Trelleborg's marine systems operation developed these Hawser Reelers in response to the demand for a safer system of handling tandem mooring hawsers.  

This innovative solution delivers new efficiencies for FSO operators.  It provides a method of deploying, retrieving and storing the hawser and chafe chain assembly reducing hawser damage since the hawser is stored on the reeler rather than left floating in the sea or stored loosely on the deck.

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Minimum deck space required


Robust and reliable hydraulic drive


Safe and reduced handling


Drum diameter designed in accordance to hawser manufacturer specifications


Hydraulic system integrated with hawser hook and hose reel (where applicable)


Hydraulic spooling system



Tandem mooring

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