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Meteorological Monitoring


Terminals are typically designed and operated with set limits for environmental conditions to ensure the safety of the vessel and the terminal. Real-time meteorological data and trends assist operators in maximizing their berth’s operating window by providing measurements at the berth. Weather information can be provided to the staff at the berth, at the operations center, or to the vessel. 

Trelleborg’s Meteorological Monitoring systems include sensors from the leading instrument manufacturers and are typically compliant with WMO guidelines for accuracy and resolution. Instruments deployed in the marine environment are subject to harsh conditions and as such our experience in equipment selection and deployment techniques ensures rugged, reliable and maintainable systems suitable for the conditions. 

These instruments are often integrated with oceanographic instruments to form MetOcean systems.

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Wind speed, wind direction and gust


Barometric pressure










Lightning strike


Solar radiation


⮚ Oil & Gas
⮚ Bulk Mineral & Liquid Berths
⮚ Commercial (RoRo, ferry)
⮚ Container terminals

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