Trelleborg to Showcase Comprehensive LNG Offering at Gastech 2021


Trelleborg will showcase its portfolio of LNG transfer technology at this year’s Gastech in Dubai (21 – 23 September).


As a world leader in marine gas transfer, Trelleborg will be on stand to discuss how it is playing an active role in supporting the transition to cleaner energy and to present its latest leading-edge solutions. Engineered, these enable operational flexibility to meet the demands of evolving infrastructure requirements.


Additionally, as part of Gastech’s main conference program, Technical Director at Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, Andrew Stafford, will discuss how Mooring Equipment Guidelines Issue 4 (MEG4) has highlighted the importance of having access to accurate data on the condition of mooring equipment to ensure its safety and longevity on vessels. Scheduled for 14:30 – 16:00 on 21 September (Shipping, Storage & Terminals – Design & Operations), his presentation will explore the incompatibility of legacy infrastructure and detail the alternate solutions available to keep this important interface operational within the fleet.


From full marine transfer systems to individual component parts, Trelleborg’s portfolio is designed to optimize loading and unloading operations delivering improved productivity, enhanced safety and asset efficiency in the most demanding of environments and at every stage of the LNG value chain.


Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, comments: “Trelleborg’s expertise across the LNG supply chain, coupled with the most integrated and configurable solutions will help you accelerate return on investment, while meeting the most demanding safety standards. Whether your operations involve traditional terminals, bunker barges or anything in between, Trelleborg has the experience and expertise to minimize your risk.


“Gastech provides the ideal platform to showcase our unique oversight across the entire supply chain and how we can help to ensure compatibility, safety, efficiency and sustainability in any transfer operation, for any business model.”


Representatives from Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation will be on hand to discuss SmartPort, a technology platform that connects port operations, enabling all parties to corroborate each other’s critical data points at every LNG transfer touchpoint. This in turn, improves operational efficiency and safety, resulting in faster vessel turnaround, increasing throughput, as well as reduced fuel, power consumption and ultimately carbon emissions.


Additionally, Trelleborg’s stand will showcase a number of its cutting-edge smart engineered solutions within its SmartPort portfolio, which enhances the efficiency and reduces the carbon emissions of vessels and port operations. This will include Trelleborg’s SafePilot solutions that enable high precision navigation and piloting, providing a real time view of port traffic, reducing manoeuvring times and vessel engine emissions. This makes port approach, berthing and departure easier, safer, more efficient and more sustainable. On stand, visitors will also be able to learn about DynaMoor, a safety-focused intelligent mooring solution that actively dampens vessel motion, increases the range of environmental conditions in which mooring can take place to enable safer, more efficient and sustainable mooring, and product transfer.


Trelleborg will also highlight how its pneumatic fenders, which feature enormous energy absorption with low reaction force, help to facilitate safe, efficient and more sustainable LNG transfer operations.


The stand will also feature Trelleborg's Tugger Winches ,which provide improved safety and efficiency of heaving line retrieval, its Ship-Shore Link (SSL) for LNG transfer and fueling, and its Quick Release Hooks that enable mooring lines to be safely secured, quickly and easily released, even when loaded to their safe working load limit, and its chain stoppers for FPSO spread moorings.


Additionally, as a global supplier of Ship-Shore Link (SSL) technology with over 900 systems installed worldwide, Trelleborg’s stand will feature its Emergency Shut-Down System (ESDS) and SSL systems, which provides a more economical and space efficient solution for the provision of the SSL – ESDS critical link in safety systems.


Trelleborg’s stand will also feature its KLAW LNG product range. This comprises of the CryoFC and CryoFCVM technologies, two unique new elements in Trelleborg’s hose transfer system that set new standards for speed of connection and increased safety. The CryoFC utilizes KLAW LNG’s twist and lock cams, which reduce connection and disconnection times by up to 75 per cent compared to traditional nut and bolt methods, reducing the exposure time for crew on deck and operators to the risk of hand injuries. The fast connection advantages are particularly valuable in adverse weather conditions and hostile operating environments, and operational efficiencies in time are also exponentially improved with multiple lines.


The FCVM is a bolt-on cryogenic valve system that dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with the post transfer purging process. Typical transfer systems demand 10 to 15 minutes to purge the LNG liquid, and then an additional four or five hours to purge hoses with nitrogen. This necessitates vessels remaining connected for all this time, which greatly increases costs for the operator and requires additional charter time for both vessels and a tug, blocking the port and impacting other vessel movements. FCVM makes this process obsolete, with the entire purging process completed in 15 minutes, saving operators significant time and costs. It is available in six-, eight- and ten-inch diameters.


Trelleborg will also showcase its Vee Bee Filtration product range, which uniquely employs simulation technology to optimize the design and performance of strainers engineered for LNG vessel transfer, and both onshore and offshore liquefaction process facilities. The simulation technology focuses on advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling, providing an accurate insight into the real-life performance of the strainers. This allows client engineers to design systems to operate up to and within the safe operating limits of the strainer at the highest flow efficiencies.


During the design and engineering of pipeline strainers Vee Bee’s prediction and pre-validation of the flow performance can be guaranteed for accuracy. This prediction ensures greater reliability and protection of expensive LNG liquefaction machinery and assets, continuity of supply and subsequent LNG transfer systems during their expected operational life cycle.


Attendees to Trelleborg’s stand will be able to learn more about its KLAW product range, which focuses on its market-leading Cryobreak Breakaway Coupling that minimizes the risk of cryogenic media spills, significantly reducing the likelihood of damage to assets and injury to personnel in the event of a drive-off or extreme pressure flow.


Cryobreak provides 100% instantaneous closure of both upstream and downstream flow, minimizing the risk of spills and clean-up costs. Designed to provide minimum headloss, it reduces impact on general operations. It is compact and lightweight, enabling easy handling and movement, simple to operate and maintain, and supplied with a detailed Installation and Maintenance Manual. Cryobreak features KLAW’s proven Flip-Flap Valve and Breakstud technology, eliminating the risk of a Partial Break activation, allowing for flow closure to be instigated with a single Breakstud release.


Trelleborg will showcase its high quality, class leading Multi-LNG Gutteling White Composite Hoses. Designed for use in ship-to-ship operations, the hoses offload LNG at a temperature of -164 °C in hostile seas and adverse weather conditions utilization is in a range of different configurations, including side-by-side and for LNG Bunker operations.


The hoses are suitable for use as a vapor return line in combination with other transfer systems, including loading arms and flexible pipeline systems. Gutteling hoses are fully certified by International Class Societies including DNV, Bureau Veritas and ABS according to the latest version of EN 1474-II:2020 and EN 12434 and are suitable for use in EN 1474-III certified systems around the world.


For more information about Trelleborg’s portfolio of solutions designed to support the entire LNG value chain, visit stand S2B58 at Gastech, Dubai World Trade Center, UAE.