Trelleborg releases water management video and brochure discussing the importance of investment in watertight infrastructure

Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation has launched an educational video and brochure, discussing the importance of investment in solid, watertight infrastructure to keep up with today’s challenges, including a growing global population, rise in emerging economies and heightened environmental pressures.

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, commented: “The world is changing faster than ever before, and the design of infrastructure must keep up with today’s demands. Not only must it be able to withstand the rapid growth we are facing in emerging economies and population increases, but it must also be able to tackle the increasing unpredictability of the climate crisis and the accompanying pressure this has on our built environment. Our new video and brochure reveal exactly how Trelleborg’s industry leading expertise and capabilities means that we’re able to solve even the most intricate and complex water management challenges.”

Guided by the UN’s SDG’s and a firm belief that prioritizing sustainability above everything is the right thing to do, Trelleborg Group has pledged a long-term commitment to enhancing sustainability by design, a commitment to create more sustainable products, technology, and operational processes to the benefit of both the planet and its customers. In support of the United Nation’s goals, for Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation this commitment spans three key focus areas. These include responsible supply chains from sourcing to end-of-life, decarbonizing the maritime and infrastructure sector through the development of cleantech, and engineering sustainability through premium product design.

Trelleborg’s design-led approach ensures a lifetime of functionality and future-proofed performance, in instances where structures are deep underwater, confidence in their lifetime performance is critical. Its sealing and damping solutions intertwine cross-industry experience and in-house expertise to improve integrity, sustainability, efficiency, and accelerate performance across any and all projects. Providing support throughout the whole life cycle of a project, Trelleborg’s water management solutions will outlive the structures they protect and can be crafted into bespoke sealing systems to suit any project.

To learn more about Trelleborg’s water management campaign, discover its new water management video and brochure now: