PIANC America Conference 2023

PIANC America 2023

Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure is delighted to be Gold Sponsors for PIANC America Conference 2023, taking place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Join our experts Ahmed Gouda, Adam Sellers, Paulo, and Oscar Duque for an exciting four-day event, starting April 24th through to April 27th.


This year, the US Section of the World Association for Waterborne Transportation Infrastructure is hosting the event with a focus on how to maintain Ports, Waterways, and Marinas in a changing climate.


As part of the conference, Marco Gaal and Mishra Kumar, both members of PIANC WG211, will be delivering presentations on a range of interesting topics including sustainability, fenders in challenging environments, and fender testing. They will also be providing insights into the upcoming PIANC WG211 Guidelines for the design of fender system.


Trelleborg has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with PIANC and is pleased to participate in this event, allowing us to share our expertise and connect with industry peers.