Trelleborg to Present Port of the Future at PIANC-COPEDEC IX - Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg to Present Port of the Future at PIANC-COPEDEC IX

9th PIANC Copedec 2016

Trelleborg's marine systems operation is sponsoring the 9th PIANC-COPEDEC conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 16 to 21 October 2016. 

Trelleborg will be exhibiting on booth 21, discussing its new Port of the Future initiative and the results of a new piece of research the company has carried out. 'Preparing for the Port of the Future' examines marine industry maturity in terms of digitization and automation, and will launch in full in November. 

The research comes as Trelleborg's marine systems operation continues to refine its approach and product portfolio to better support the Port of the Future, focusing on smart technologies, data acquisition and effective analysis to inform real-time and strategic decision making. 

Richard Hepworth, President at Trelleborg's marine systems operation, said: "'Preparing for the Port of the Future' discusses the opportunities available to marine industry stakeholders from the use of 'smart' technologies, automation of processes and the capture, analysis and effective utilization of big data. 

"It calls on recent research with global ports, terminals and shipping operators to examine the state of play in the marine industry today, and the best ways for us to move further towards the Port of the Future ideal. Clearly, the PIANC COPEDEC - a forum for exchanging best practice and new ideas - offers a perfect platform for us to discuss initial results and hear the experiences of our peers." 

Marco Gaal, Regional Director for Trelleborg's marine systems operation will also present the company's latest thinking on materials science and equipment engineering, with a presentation about best practice in fender manufacture. The content for the presentation is based on comprehensive research by Trelleborg into the impact of formulation and the mixing process on fender performance. 

Mr. Gaal says: "We've long been working to raise awareness of the importance of rubber quality in fender systems. Our involvement in the COPEDEC comes just months after we committed to supporting PIANC as the organization seeks to evolve its guidance on the design of fender systems. Clearly, we're keen to share our latest findings at such a pertinent time." 

Held once every four years, the International Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Developing Countries (COPEDEC) is a forum for coast and port engineers from all over the world to exchange best practice and experiences. 

According to Mario Povia, Director-General of ANTAQ: "The merger between the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) and COPEDEC", which took place back in 2003, "offers an excellent opportunity for professionals in the coastal, port and navigation businesses to meet."

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