Trelleborg presents ship-terminal communications link at LNG conference - Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg presents ship-terminal communications link at LNG conference

LNG Terminal

Trelleborg Marine Systems product area SeaTechnikTM has developed the Universal Safety Link (USL) for small-scale LNG transfer and LNG bunkering projects. This system allows operators to monitor both sides of the LNG transfer process and provides them with an emergency shutdown mechanism.

The system was presented at Riviera Maritime Media’s LNG World Shipping Ship/Shore Interface Conference in London on 11-12 May. It combines SeaTechnik’s Ship Shore Link fibre optic technology with electrical and pneumatic emergency shutdown. Trelleborg Marine Systems technical director Andrew Stafford said the USL is compatible with the latest ship and terminal connections and those on older systems.

The fibre link enables data to be transferred between the LNG carrier and the terminal. This can include tank levels, pressure and temperature data. It also has four phone lines and an isolated ethernet for client requirements, such as internet access and voice over IP applications. The electric and pneumatic communication links act as a back-up to the fibre optic link. Mr Stafford said this system would be ideal for LNG bunkering operations, or small-scale LNG import or regasification projects.

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