Sohar benefits from SmartPort system

SOHAR benefits from SmartPort System

Trelleborg’s marine systems division has supplied its SmartPort technology package to Sohar Port and Freezone, in Oman.

Sohar benefits from SmartPort System
Previously, Trelleborg had supplied the port with Quick Release Hooks (QRHs), Docking Aid Systems (DAS), fenders and SafePilot Portable Pilot Units (PPUs). However, while each solution provided a touchpoint for data collection, they were supplied across disparate projects, so were not integrated and were manually managed.

The port was determined to take a more holistic approach to operations and Trelleborg has been working to evolve its business model to support smart, connected technologies. So the request by the Omani port was well-timed.

The result of the joint initiative between Trelleborg and Sohar Port is an integrated system which delivers a real-time overview of vessel approach, berthing and departure information on a real-time basis. According to Sohar Port chief executive, Mark Geilenkirchen, “SmartPort provides the holistic oversight we require to analyze the performance of our assets and identify areas for further efficiency gains.”

The system links with other third-party systems, within both the port and the vessel, to enable real-time communications between all stakeholders. Data is collected from a number of assets, including the approaching vessel, navigation buoys in the harbor and near the berth, as well as berthing aid systems. This data is transmitted by GPS, AIS, and laser to the Trelleborg Cloud.

Mr. Geilenkirchen adds, “The information is then rationalized and made useful, ready to be presented back to everyone involved in the berthing process. Real-time ship data allows the berthing system to activate automatically when the ship is close and keeps the pilot on board fully informed through the SafePilot interface.”

This data is also displayed locally through VPN to staff working on the jetty. The Fender Array System further collects information on berthing speeds to inform decision making including system maintenance.

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