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Trelleborg to showcase offering for North America

Copri ports show 2016

Following the recent acquisition of Maritime International, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation will showcase its new integrated offering within North America, at the Coasts, Oceans, Ports And Rivers Institute’s (COPRI’s) Ports 2016 Conference. It will be held from 12 – 15 June in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Combining the financial strength of Trelleborg and the unparalleled service record of Maritime International, the new combined offering provides customers with extended warranties, backed by financial warranty bonds, to assure the quality and performance of all fender systems supplied. Trelleborg will be on stand 410 during COPRI 2016 to discuss its end-to-end extended protection, which comprises unparalleled quality through materials and full-scale testing, as well as best-in-class service and support across the life of the product.

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, says: “Late last year, Trelleborg acquired Maritime International to further strengthen our U.S. offering which provides ensure customers with unparalleled service and quality on the ground. Now, we’re delighted to showcase our new enhanced offering for North America at COPRI Ports 2016.” 

The conference will also see Donald Nassar, Vice President of Engineering at Trelleborg’s marine systems operation in North America, discuss the steps that specifiers must take to ensure fender systems perform as expected over their lifecycle. This will include how to correctly apply correction factors, how to verify fender performance and the need for independent fender testing.

“For a fender system to be correctly designed and manufactured, consultants must perform three key stages: determining the expected normal berthing energy of vessels and applying appropriate safety factors for abnormal requirements, selecting an appropriate fender inclusive of all correction factors and finally verifying the fender meets the specified performance requirements. Whilst the first step is commonly understood, the second two are not well practiced. 

“COPRI Ports 16 provides the ideal platform to discuss the importance of a smarter approach to fender specification and how to turn bad practice to best practice,” added Hepworth.

COPRI is an international leader in improving the practice of civil engineering and other disciplines in the coastal, ocean, port, waterways, and riverine environments. The four-day event is the 14th in a series of international port and harbor development specialty conferences held every three years since 1977.

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