Trelleborg launches extended fender system warranties in North America - Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg launches extended fender system warranties in North America

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As part of its premium specification, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched extended warranties on all of its fender systems in North America. These are financially backed by warranty bonds for up to five years, assuring quality and performance.

David LeBlanc, President for Trelleborg’s marine systems operation in North America, says: “We’re able to launch this innovative commercial service – unheard of in the industry before – thanks to collaboration and idea sharing between Trelleborg and Maritime International organizations.

“American shipping is in a time of flux, with the Panama Canal expansion creating new challenges and opportunities. Now more than ever, terminal owners and operators need to collaborate with a strategic partner, to evolve infrastructure and rise to these new challenges. At Trelleborg, we’re committed to being that strategic partner and forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.”

John Deats, VP Business Development at Trelleborg Marine Systems North America, adds: “We’re pleased to offer this new service, which we hope will help to drive up overall fender maintenance standards across the region. Should the fender suffer a defect, Trelleborg undertakes to repair or replace it after up to five years in service, as long as customers have undertaken the recommended inspection and maintenance schedule.”

The new extended warranties are dependent on the customer following Trelleborg’s best practice specification, which includes the requirement for materials and performance testing, and a schedule for inspections and maintenance through the life of the product.

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