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Trelleborg Release Innovative Fender Tool

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched a new online Fender Selection Tool that works to almost completely digitise the fender selection process. This in turn will work to save consultants the huge amounts of time they normally have to spend carrying out complex manual calculations.

The tool is also intended to help specifiers and suppliers alike take steps towards a more standardized engineering process, reducing subjectivity in the design process and helping to shape consistent industry best practice.

Trelleborg claim the new fender selection tool can "Reduce hours of work to a few clicks".

The tool requires the user to input simple information on vessel type, berthing factors and speed. They then receive a broad fender selection, which can be further refined as the user enters more details into the input panel.

Mishra Kumar, Technical Director for Marine Fenders at Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, said: “With so many factors to consider in the specification of fender systems, we wanted to make the process as simple as possible for consultants, enabling them to determine the optimum fenders for their project needs in just a few clicks.”

The new tool can complete a calculation process for up to ten types of fenders, cross referencing up to 23 grades, which would take several hours if prepared manually. The digitized process takes the user through just four simple input sections, generating a document that details all potential fender systems suitable for the application and performance required. Results generated are compliant to both PIANC guidelines and the latest British Standards for fender system design.

The Fender Selection Tool is part of Trelleborg’s commitment to enabling a Smarter Approach to port and terminal efficiency. This philosophy – centered on key cornerstones of automation and data-centricity – extends beyond port and terminal infrastructure to enabling faster, more effective decision making across entire product lifecycles and supply chains.

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