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Trelleborg has brought its deepest technology and application knowledge to the surface.
From supplying fluid handling solutions to submarines, naval ships to spacecrafts we collect all our knowledge into the marine leisure boat assortment. Security, Quality and Comfort are major corner stones in our product development, which all are extremely important when it comes to supplying products to these demanding environments.

A full range of products by industry


  • Easy to handle with fluted cover
  • High flexibility
  • Resistant to ageing and atmospheric conditions
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  • Good resistance to abrasion and sharp objects outside
  • Excellent flex durability
  • Very good hydrolysis resistance
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  • Good weather resistance
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Chemical resistant
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  • Very good low temperature flexibility
  • Low weight
  • Very durable construction
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  • ISO 3821
  • Very strong textile reinforcement giving high safety factor
  • Clear branding showing gas symbol and date of manufacture
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Thanks to a local presence in most countries, Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions specialists can provide the solution you need - no matter where you are.

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