WIS - Wear Indicator System

Trelleborg Wear Indicator System

The hoses used for the Wear Indicator System (WIS) incorporate a network of copper conductive wires wound into the hoses inner tube. An electronic sensor and indicator box connects to the wires via a specially developed gasket. The sensor monitors when, due to wear, a wire is broken within hose. When this occurs, the electronic sensor and indicator box signals this to the operator with red LEDS in the processing plant. In addition, an alert is sent wirelessly to an operators computer or smart device.


Plug & Play
No specific configuration needed

- No antenna installation
- No network configuration
- You install the Trelleborg WIS device and it works immediately

Smart alerts
Indicate hose wear and battery level

- Alert by e-mail
- Visual warning by LED

Trelleborg WIS transmits data using Internet of Things networks

- This system works autonomously and independently and does not use the client networks (WiFi, etc.)

How it works ?

WIS Trelleborg Contact

Trelleborg WIS is available in the following countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg.
Do not hesitate to contact us for other countries.