Digital Tools

Digital Tools

Customer Portal

Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions launches its Portal to Make Fluid Handling Solutions Flow Even Easier.

Features on the Fluid Handling Solutions customer Portal
• Easy submission of technical inquiries

• Stock checks
• Orders can be followed from creation to delivery
• Regular order lists can be saved online making restocking easy
• A complete and up-to-date digital library of all the Trelleborg fluid handling
• Explore videos, guidelines, catalogs, brochures, technical drawings, cutaways, flyers
• Help videos and tutorials to guide users through the tool

Discover the main assets of this portal through our new motion, click on the hereafter link: Customer Portal

You can also find an access from our web site, by clicking on the Customer Portal button on the header part

IoT: WIS - Wear Indicator System

The hoses used for the Wear Indicator System (WIS) incorporate a network of copper conductive wires wound into the hoses inner tube. An electronic sensor and indicator box connects to the wires via a specially developed gasket. The sensor monitors when, due to wear, a wire is broken within hose. When this occurs, the electronic sensor and indicator box signals this to the operator with red LEDS in the processing plant. In addition, an alert is sent wirelessly to an operators computer or smart device.

Mobile Apps

customer Portal

Chemical Resistance for Hoses

To make sure you pick the right hose for your fluid, Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions mobile app will recommend the most appropriate products you need based on chemical resistance.    
From a list of over 1200 chemicals, including various concentrations, this app shows all the possible solutions available from the standard Trelleborg hose catalogue. Results are sorted with rating from green (can be used within the selected temperature range) to orange (only intermittent use).
The list a recommendation can be further refined as temperature or pressure ranges are selected. Upon selection of a hose, its detailed features will be displayed, reminding the chemical selection and the compatibility result with temperature.
A feature to contact the relevant Trelleborg Product Manager directly from the App allows users to get any additional information about the selected hose.
The data-sheet of the selected hose can instantly be shared either by email, or via online social media.

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