VITON™ - FKM Sheeting

Viton™ sheeting, known either as fluoroelastomer or FKM, is highly appreciated for the most demanding industrial applications as it has the highest resistance to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis and even oxidants, and its mechanical properties remain intact at temperatures of up to 250ºC. Different types of optimised Viton™ sheeting exist according to the final use required, and there is a demand for it in heavy industries such as oil and petroleum refineries, steel works and chemical plants, and also in industries with special requirements such as the food industry.


FKM is serviceable in continuous heat of up to 250ºC and intermittent heat of up to 300ºC.
FKM exhibits good flame resistance and is usually self-extinguishing upon removal of flame source.
FKM has excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone and natural weathering.
Resistance to chemicals; amongst all synthetic rubbers FKM is the most resistant to many of the solvents and chemicals, giving long service where other materials do not.
Excellent resistance against hydrocarbons, aliphatics, aromatic and chlorinated chemicals.
Good resistance to acids and alkali's including oxidants. Poor performance against ethers, ketones, and bases.

Mechanical, physical and chemical properties

VITON™ FKM Sheeting Range

  • Black FKM Viton<sup>TM</sup> 70 sheeting
  • Excellent chemical and hydrocarbons resistance
  • Excellent temperature resistance (+250ºC)
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  • Green food quality VitonTM
  • Meeting European Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 et 2023/2006
  • Excellent temperature resistance (+250ºC)
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