NR SBR - Natural Rubber / Styrene-butadiene Rubber Sheeting

NR Natural Rubber / SBR sheeting has excellent mechanical properties making it particularly appreciated in environments subject to heavy wear due to friction, or where it is constantly exposed to impact or direct contact with abrasive elements. As a result it is commonly used in the mining industry and in industrial environments subject to high abrasion where materials guaranteeing a long working life and optimum efficiency are required.


- Excellent mechanical properties. 
- Available in a wide range of hardnesses from 35º to 80º ShA.
- Low compression set and high resilience.
- Excellent dynamic and rebound properties.
- NR temperature range: -50ºC to +90ºC.
- SBR sheeting is more resistant to ageing and temperature than Natural Rubber, with good performance up to 110ºC
- Resistance to chemicals; good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Its contact with oils and hydrocarbons is not advisable.

Mechanical, physical and chemical properties

A wide range of wear and impact resistant rubber sheeting