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The SWILINE is a submarine flexible water intake hose with built-in hypochlorine lines for FLNG and FPSO cooling applications.

SWILINE Technology

Custom Built Hose

Certified hose design metholody to create the best performant and resistant hose for your application.

Reliable Solution


Hydrodynamic analysis (static, dynamic, extreme) and fatigue analysis to insure the best performance in all environmental and operational conditions.

Long Service Life


Up to 30 years service life without maintenance.

Diverless Installation


Exclusive system and tools for diverless installation.

Turnkey Solution


Complete solution with hypochlorite injection, hull interface, strainer and installation tools.

Based on reliable and field proven technology

The SWILINE hose is based on the reliable and field proven technology used on floating units.

The hose string can be certified API Spec 17K with an extended service life up to 25 years and limited maintenance.

The API spec 17K ensures you the best quality and performance for your system with fatigue analysis, in line with the environmental and operational conditions of your project.

Complete solution

The SWILINE provide a dedicated solution to cooling process challenges on FPSO and FLNG facilities.

We integrate the hypochlorine lines to the string and we can supply a complete package with connection pieces, strainer, installation tools and installation platform.

SWILINE is specially designed to be easily installed on your system with light equipments and tools.

Dedicated design

The nippleless flange with steel cables reinforcements can be associated to a reinforced structure with steel rings and optional reinforced flange with an integrated bending stiffener.

The SWILINE hose is made with specific continuous inner liner and an integrated gasket. The SWILINE hose can be manufactured to fulfill with flowrate requirements with an internal diameter up to 1000mm (40 inches) and a section length up to 12.2m (40 feet).

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