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Standard solution for terminals and calm buoys

Reliable Solution

Designed by Trelleborg based on 40 years of knowledge, experience and expertise and manufactured upon the highest quality standards.


Standard design enabling to be operated on new or existing offloading systems.

Safe Technology

Prevent the oil spillage with efficient leak detection and double containment.


High strength structure with high performance and fatigue resistance.

Technical features

  • For submarine or floating configurations
  • GMPHOM 2009 certified
  • Nipple flange with helix wire reinforcement
  • Single carcass or Double carcass with leak detection system
  • Optional reinforcements for end line connections and specific configurations
  • High quality inner liner resistant to crude oil, refined products and condensate
  • PU outer cover on demand
  • Rated pressure up to 21 bar
  • Diameter up to 600mm (24")
  • Lenght up to 12.2mm (40')

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