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REELINE is a submarine/floating hose dedicated to reeling applications.
The exclusive Trelleborg hose design proposes field-proven solutions to eliminate stress, bending loads concentration and ensure perfect sealing.

Product overview


Reduced weight
The REELINE hose Dual carcass is a lightweight hose (40% less than Double carcass hose) with less buoyancy material and limited external diameter hose body.
This leads to a significant impact on the reeling system: smaller reel overall dimensions with smaller drum diameter (more space on the deck), compact and small capacity of hydraulic power unit and braking system.

Flexible and resistant design
Exclusive nippleless flange design, associated to integrated bending stiffener and reinforced structure with steel rings have great benefits.

The hose will be more flexible with low bending moment, high resistance to tension and collapse and no stress concentration in the flange area.

The continuous external diameter prevents damages of flange to other hoses or to drum and respects perfectly the drum curvature. This hose is also designed to smoothly integrate a marine breakaway coupling.

Our new flange design, without bolt indent and integrated pieces, facilitates the installation and maintenance.

Corrosion free
Flanges are fully embedded in rubber with a continuous inner liner and integrated gaskets (internal and external). Bolts can be protected by caps.
There is no contact between seawater, hydrocarbon and steel flanges or any metallic parts of the hose. So, this design ensures a perfect sealing solution without risk of corrosion.

The inner liner is made of NBR rubber offering perfect resistance to crude oil, refined products and condensate.

Cost effective solution

The REELINE hose can be reeled on two layers. The operations are easier to perform, the inspections are minimized and the maintenance is reduced.

The unrivaled properties of the REELINE hose ensure a reduced fatigue and a long service life.

Qualified hose

The REELINE is qualified OCIMF GMPHOM 2009 with a working rated pressure (WRP) up to 25 bars (minimum burst pressure 5 x WRP) and can be manufactured in accordance with API Spec 17K.

The internal diameters are available from 150 mm (6”) to 600mm (24”) with a section length up to 12.2m (40’).

Design and configuration fully checked

Studies and analysis can be performed for your specific project: Finite Elements Modeling (FEM), Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), emergency release simulation, foam crush load value determination, hydrodynamic analysis (static, dynamic, extreme), Marine Breakaway Coupling moment analysis.

To check the computations and hose performance, additional tests can also be performed: Tension, torsion, crush test on sample, buoyancy recovery test.

Field proven technology
Over 40 reeling systems have been installed over the past 15 years with Dual carcass hose type (approx 900 hoses)

This exclusive technology is based on our design structure experience and offers a perfect solution to your project.

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