Meet an expert: Nicolas Landrière

Meet the Expert - Nicolas Landrière

Nicolas Landriere is product manager for Trelleborg's oil hose applications, providing technical support to new and existing customers and expert advice throughout the various stages of each project. As a technical specialist for hoses and offshore offloading applications, Nicolas also contributes to the development of new products. 

Hi Nicolas. Please can you tell us a bit about your background and some of the projects you’ve previously worked on here at Trelleborg?
I started my career working in the automotive industry as a quality manager. Then, about 13 years ago, I joined the oil & marine team to deliver technical support for projects. Since then, I’ve taken on various roles within the same scope, working as both a project manager and sales manager, offering solutions and technical support on complex projects around the world.
I’m also a qualified engineer, having studied industrial engineering at the School of Mines.

You’re currently product manager for all of Trelleborg’s oil applications – can you explain to us what this involves?
Well, a big part of this is providing customers with technical support and ensuring that they get the right solution for the job. As suppliers of oil and marine hoses, we are involved in some of the most technically challenging and safety-focused processes the industry faces – oil transfer. Because the systems need to be maintained for years, sometimes in the harshest of environments, it’s vital that we work with our customers right from the very beginning to ensure they’re getting a product that is cost effective, safe and long lasting. I’m heavily involved in the consultation process, and I think it’s this customized approach that sets us apart from our competitors. You’ll often hear us saying ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. It’s a statement we truly live by at Trelleborg.
Another part of my job is making sure that our communications and marketing is effective as possible – we offer a wide range of different products, each with various advantages, so it’s hugely important that customers are aware of the different options available to them.

What are some of the current trends we are currently seeing in the oil and gas industry?
In some parts of the industry, we are currently seeing a growing confidence among oil and gas professionals following three tough years of cuts and freezes. Heading into 2018, we expect to see more of a focus on long-term efficiency through accelerated investment in capex and innovation, as companies look towards new solutions that support smarter and more cost-effective ways of operating, rather than simply looking for short-term costs to cut.

What do you think makes Trelleborg stand out from its competitors?
Our expertise – we’ve been doing what we do for over 40 years – and our proven track record. And, of course, the quality and service life of our products – both of which are optimized through our customized solutions.

Finally, what do you like to do in your spare time to relax and unwind?
Outside of work I like to spend time with my family. I also like to cook and listen to music, and, when the time calls for it, a bit of DIY.