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KLELINE is either a submarine or a floating hose for terminals and floating units.
We have 40 years of field-proven technology all over the world in the most severe environments and operations.

Product overview

Exclusive Design


Field Proven Technology


Long Service Life


High Performance


Exclusive Dual design
The exclusive Dual design offers a lot of solutions and can be adapted to each operational conditions and environment.

Nippleless flange with steel cables reinforcements can be associated to a reinforced structure with steel rings and optional reinforced flange in case of extreme demanding conditions and the function or location in the string.

Perfect sealing solution

The KLELINE hose is made with continuous inner liner and an integrated gasket.
This design ensures a perfect sealing solution between conveyed product and hose structure. The continuous inner liner also offers a high thermal insulation with no contact with metallic parts.

Qualified hose

The KLELINE is qualified OCIMF GMPHOM 2009 with a working rated pressure (WRP) up to 46 bars (minimum burst pressure 5 x WRP).

Internal diameters are available from 150 mm (6’’) to 600 mm (24’’) with a section length up to 12.2m (40’).

Field proven technology

Since their inception in 1975, KLELINE hoses have been used worldwide. As a reliable field proven technology, KLELINE hoses fulfill all requirements related to tanker and offshore offloading systems.


High quality

Our world class factory, dedicated to rubber hoses manufacturing for over 40 years is based in France (Clermont-Ferrand).

The rubber compounds are made on site, with highly qualified teams, with chemical and mechanical laboratories ready to study your request and offer you the best solution.

Trelleborg ensures you a high quality hose made in high standard certified factory ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and API Spec Q1.

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