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Oil Applications

Trelleborg’s SEALINE and KLELINE hoses are designed for offshore transfer of crude oil and refined petroleum products. Hoses are qualified in accordance with GMPHOM 2009 and can be used on all existing submarine and floating configurations. REELINE is a high performance hose designed for the reeling applications with a specific and exclusive design. For a long service life, specific applications or harsh environments, we offer the TRELLINE hose, certified according to API Spec 17K standard.

Our Solutions

Trelleborg’s wide range of products enables us to suggest the right solutions for each application.
Each system and geographical areas imply different levels of constraints. Trelleborg always recommends the most suitable solution.






Ancillaries are equipments to efficiently help you to handle, store, transport, inspect, test, connect, install, operate and maintain your hoses.
We apply best practices and standards in terms of material quality, welding, non destructive tests and coating. The high quality of these parts means of long service life.

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James Hermary leads the development of Trelleborg’s LNG hose systems within the company’s oil and marine department. He heads a multidisciplinary design and testing team focused on building a full range of innovative marine LNG transfer solutions based on the Cryoline LNG hose.

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