Meet the Expert: Elisabeth Wilhelm

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Hi Elisabete. Would you mind telling us a bit about your background, before Trelleborg? 

I graduated in Chemistry and went on to receive an MBA in Technology and Innovation. This is actually the second time during my career that I have worked for Trelleborg – I first worked for their automotive department. Next, I began working with marine hoses for a company that was later acquired by Trelleborg.

What are your key responsibilities now with Trelleborg? 

I have spent the last ten years working with marine hoses, based in Brazil, predominantly in technical roles. However, this last year I have moved over to sales within the Latin American region.

With this move into sales, what trends have you been noticing within the oil & gas market? 

The market has definitely been changing over the past year – specifically in Brazil. The price of crude oil has had a significant impact, particularly in this area. It has been really encouraging to witness the market’s recovery, with many opportunities emerging over the last year for oil marine hoses.

What is your favourite thing about working at Trelleborg?

Sales has been a very exciting new opportunity for me. I have found that with my technical background, I am able to really connect with different customers, such as engineers, and use my technical knowledge to identify how we can add value to their businesses. 

And if you weren’t working within this sector, what would you see yourself doing?

That’s quite a difficult question…I think that I enjoy the legislative aspects within my role, including strategy and by-laws… I also like public speaking, so perhaps a lawyer?

Finally, Elisabete, when you’re not generating sales across the LATAM region, what do you do in your spare time? 

Well, I live in Sao Paulo, the tenth largest city in the world – and sometimes city life can be stressful! I relax by cooking – mostly healthy foods, things I can source locally. People say that those who are good at chemistry should also be good at cooking, so hopefully it will pay off!

Elisabete Wilhelm
LA Sales Manager / Technical Assistance