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Gas applications

Trelleborg’s CRYOLINE LNG hose is a key component for offshore LNG offloading solutions. It enables FLNG projects to be considered in tandem configurations in harsh environmental conditions. For the small scale LNG market, dedicated solutions for LNG transfer (ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore...) have also been develop Trelleborg’s KLELINE LPG hose is a dedicated hose with a specific and continuous inner liner for the transfer of LPG (butane and propane).

Floating LNG

For global FLNG operators who want to maintain the highest levels of safety and give increased flexibility to LNG production,  Trelleborg Oil & Gas is your global partner in delivering high-performing, innovative and qualified solutions to enhance overall efficiency of FLNG terminals. CRYOLINE LNG hoses render FLNG projects possible in harsh environmental conditions. Unlike side-by-side LNG transfer systems, this solution enhances safety, operability and availability of the FLNG facilities as it enables the distance to be increased between the vessels.

Small scale LNG

The CRYOLINE LNG hose allows the re-thinking of LNG transfer by enabling cost effective systems for small scale LNG projects. Unlike traditional terminal solutions, this technology enables the reduction of overall costs, installation lead time and environmental impact.

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James Hermary leads the development of Trelleborg’s LNG hose systems within the company’s oil and marine department. He heads a multidisciplinary design and testing team focused on building a full range of innovative marine LNG transfer solutions based on the Cryoline LNG hose.

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