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CHEMILINE is dedicated hose for the transfer of chemical products based on our Dual carcass nippleless technology with a Fluoroelastomer (FKM) continuous inner liner.

Product Overview

Continuous inner liner FKM


High chemical resistance


Perfect sealing solution


Field proven design


Flexible and resistant design
Exclusive nippleless flange design, associated to a reinforced structure with steel rings and optional reinforced flange with integrated bending stiffener have great benefits.

The hose will be more flexible with low bending moment, high resistance to tension and collapse and no stress concentration in the flange area.

Perfect sealing solution

The CHEMILINE hose is manufactured with a continuous inner liner and an integrated gasket.
This design ensures a perfect sealing solution without risk of pollution between the product and the hose structure and without degradation of hose structure adhesion.

High chemical resistance

CHEMILINE hose inner liner is made with FKM rubber. This rubber insures a high chemical resistance to the aggressive fluids (like MTBE, Xylene…) but also ensures a higher temperature conveyed product. Associated to the unrivaled design of the Trelleborg hoses, the CHEMILINE offers high performances and long service life.

Qualified hose

The CHEMILINE is qualified OCIMF GMPHOM 2009 with a working rated pressure (WRP) up to 21 bars (minimum burst pressure 5 x WRP).

The internal diameters available are 150 mm (6’’), 200mm (8”), 250mm (10”) and 300 mm (12’’) with a section length up to 12.2m (40’).

Larger diameters (up to 24”) and pressures (up to 46 bars) can be proposed upon request.

High quality

Our world class factory, dedicated to rubber hoses manufacturing for over 40 years is based in France (Clermont-Ferrand).

The rubber compounds are made on site, with highly qualified teams, with chemical and mechanical laboratories ready to study your request and offer you the best solution.

Trelleborg ensures you a high quality hose made in high standard certified factory ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and API Spec Q1.

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