Truck Body Lining - Trelleborg Protection For Mining Trucks

Truck Body Lining

A long lasting wear liner working as an energy and noise reduction system. Absorbs impact and protects the truck structure from corrosion. Designed to be easily and securely fitted to the tray body.

The Trelleborg truck body liner is able to save considerable truck weight and extend chassis life as it absorbs and distributes the impact energy of large rocks. This reduction of imposed stress on the truck chassis and tray allows either a lighter frame and/or longer working life and TBO's.
Three fixing methods are offered, depending on client requirements and truck configuration:
  • Steel backing plate that allows stud fixing to the pre-existing tray,  particularly useful when replacing heavy steel wear plates.
  • Moulded in T bars so that external bolt fixings maybe used.
  • Textile reinforced composite of several rubber layers incorporating a soft damping layer to enhance energy absorption and reduce noise.
The top layer is always manufactured from our proven high wear impact compound to cope with tough conditions and to assist in reducing carry back when transporting sticky ores.

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