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Sheet Rubber

Utilizing the best of both hot and cold vulcanizing systems, Trelleborg will help you select the best material to suit each application whether in our workshop or on-site.

Rubber remains the most versatile lining when it comes to protecting industrial plant and equipment against abrasion, impact, corrosion, chemical attack and material build up. We have extensive experience in using rubber polymers to protect reactor vessels, pipes, elbows, T pieces, impellers, riser pipes, structural supports, trommel frames, chutes, launders.

We provide a large range of different rubber polymers for many different applications:

  • Butyl: Premium synthetic rubber with excellent chemical resistance. It has a high resistance to temperature and permeation
  • EPDM: Excellent ozone and ageing characteristics and has been especially developed for gasketing and sealing applications in drinking water systems
  • Natural Rubber Insertion: Industrial grade black natural rubber sheeting with plies of cotton reinforcement. Resilient, abrasion and tear resistant
  • Natural Rubber Insertion – Nylon Insertion: Quality natural rubber sheeting, reinforced with a high strength monofilament nylon fabric. This product is especially suitable for high quality gasket manufacturing
  • Neoprene Insertion: The properties of this synthetic compound are superior to natural rubber in weathering, ozone, heat and fire resistance with reinforcement for improved tear resistance
  • Neoprene: Premium grade chloroprene sheeting, it has good weathering, heat and fire resistance. Neoprene has moderate resistance to petroleum fluids
  • Nitrile: A multi-purpose grade synthetic rubber, with very good resistance to petroleum based fluids. It is also suitable for use with alcohols, mineral oils, hydraulic fluids, and animal or vegetable oil
  • Peroxide Cured EPDM: A synthetic rubber with excellent ozone weathering properties this rubber has high rating in regard to acid and general chemical resistance. It is especially suitable for external or high temperature applications
  • Silicone: It has good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis and also has very high resistance to atmospheric oxidation and sunlight. Silicone is non toxic, chemically inert and fungus resistant
  • Viton: Viton sheeting offers superior resistance to aromatic solvents, oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids. It has very good resistance to atmospheric oxidation and sunlight
Trelleborg will manage and supply the complete product solution, including steelwork, rubber lining and components, blasting and painting. Our comprehensive range of rubber solutions ensures that the rubber recommended is fit-for-purpose and will deliver the best benefits to the end user.

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