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Mill Lining Systems

Trelleborg has been providing mill lining systems since 1920. The focus is on working with our customers to provide incremental improvement to enhance mill availability, increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Full lining kits are designed and supplied including Lifter bars, shell plates, pulp lifters, fasteners and discharge grates.

Mill Lining Systems Solutions and Products

lifter bars

Lifter Bars

Trelleborg has a wide range of rubber lifter bars and plates for ball mills, rod mills and drum scrubbers. Our TESAMET Rubber – steel faced composite lifter bar is available for especially aggressive wear applications.

Trelleborg’s TESAMET steel-rubber composite linings are designed with select special steel composition to suit each milling application. TESAMET liners can be manufactured to a light duty or heavy duty modular design to keep in line with the lifting mechanism and safety regulations as required on site.
shell plates

Shell Plate Liners

Trelleborg shell plate liners are designed to complement the lifter bar operation for ball mills, rod mills and drum scrubbers. The thickness of the shell plate may be varied and optimized to match the time between overhauls or to modify mill capacity.

Shell plate liners are individually manufactured for each application to suit the shell of the mill and to integrate with the lifter bar. Whilst shell plate liners can be manufactured up to 8 metres long, the lengths provided are usually designed for manual handling on site and to integrate with the lifter bar configuration that is normally used to attach the liners to the mill shell.
Pulp Discharge Lining

Pulp Discharge Lining

Trelleborg designs and manufactures pulp lifter packages for AG, SAG, ball mills and scrubbers. Components are normally moulded but may also be hand-built for complicated profiles required for the "turbo lifter" style design.

The pulp discharge system design and compound development is undertaken to target enhanced availability of the mill (reducing down time losses) with increased efficiency in grinding, and reduction in energy consumption.

All pulp discharge linings and systems are bespoke designs based on operational parameters including type of ore, output required, time between overhauls and customer feedback.

Indicator wear layers may also be provided for ease of inspection and monitoring.
Discharge Grates and Mill Lining

Discharge Grates and Mill Lining Accessories

Grinding mills play a key role in comminution and mineral dressing and are subjected to severe impact and abrasion. Trelleborg designs and manufactures auxillary wear components and accessories for AG, SAG, ball mills and scrubbers.

Components include discharge grates, access panels, backing rubber, corner sections, extruded filler sections, sealing strips, integral sealing washers, T-bolts and clamps

We can also provide our patented integral sealing washers, whichare able to provide a watertight seal for the mill shell where the existing holes have been enlarged in diameter or unevenly worn due to the historical movement of lifter bars' fastening bolts eroding the shell.

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