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Industry Specials

Trelleborg's unique polymer/rubber technology attracts clients looking for new solutions that damp, seal or protect related to any Industrial problem. Trelleborg's engineered products operation has the technical and manufacturing capabilities to produce large bespoke products which are beyond the scope of most polymer manufacturers. Trelleborg are able to built composite polymer products incorporating various fibers such as kevlar, rayon, nylon and carbon fiber, plastic polymers such as PTFE, UHMW-PW and most metals or provide high wear composites using Ni hard metals, ceramics and zirconium compounds. Proven polymer compounds can be used from our extensive compound library or specially developed to ensure the final product is fit for purpose recognizing criteria such as with temperature, vibration, pressure, impact and chemical exposure. Products are available either moulded or extruded.

Swing Back Safety Barrier
  • Eliminates the need for site welding
  • Effective damage control to deck areas if impacts do occur
  • Reduces skip energy and less sway
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