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Pulley Lagging

Trelleborg pulley lagging is supplied in either cured or uncured premium quality rubber

Trelleborg supplies a complete range of pulley lagging systems including non-drive, flat, ceramic drive and diamond groove pulley lagging. We can supply pulley lagging material as well as fit our solutions to your pulley with services including hot vulcanising and direct bond. We stock a wide range of pulley lagging materials to ensure prompt delivery.

Composite ceramic pulley lagging consisting of ceramic tiles embedded in rubber are normally utilized on head, tail and drive pulleys pulleys to minimize belt slippage and dramatically increases pulley lagging life in all applications. The additional grip for head pulleys is achieved by raised dimples in the ceramic. Tail pulley ceramic tiles are flat but have a diamond groove for the dispersion of water.

Trelleborg rubber pulley lagging includes natural rubbers and FRAS rubber (conforms to AS4606). Pulley lagging material may be supplied in full rolls with diamond pattern or with a plain face and available as strip lagging for ease of replacement in-situ. Gauges/Thickness range from 10mm to 25mm.

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