Guillemin revolving

Guillemin revolving

Chemical - Petro-chemical

Technical Descriptions

Swivel Ears 360°
Coupling Material = ASTM CF8M/1.4408
Gasket Material = CSM
Black locking ring for visual identification of the coupling
Working pressure = 16 bar
Max. Working T°C (with CSM gasket) = 120°C


Avoid torsion of the hose during connection
Assembly is lighter:
no swivel coupling M/F added
Enhanced security compared to coupling without ears

Coupling design


Remove the CSM gasket before welding

Complementary informations
Patent number : P281-B-41739

Technical information


Part number

Size coupling mm

Size shank mm

End fittings


5105247 DN 50 60.3 Welding End OK
5105248 DN 80 88.9 Welding End OK
5105281 DN 100 114.3 mm Welding ENd OK
5105249 DN 50 Helico shank DN 50 For composite hoses DN 50 OK
5105250 DN 80 Helico shank DN 80 For composite hoses DN 80 OK


Product Sheet

Guillemin revolving Product Sheet  

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