Trelleborg Customer Web Portal

Trelleborg Customer Portal

Trelleborg Launches Portal to Make Fluid Handling Solutions Flow Even Easier

Trelleborg’s Fluid Handling Solutions operation launches a web portal that will allow its customers and distributors send technical inquiries, check stock and track orders at any time, day or night, as well as access the latest information on its products.
Olivier Libes, Marketing & Communication Manager for Fluid Handling Solutions, says: “Thanks to this online tool, our customers will save time when needing technical assistance and sourcing their fluid handling solutions. With just a few clicks of the mouse or swipe of a finger, customers can manage the flow of fluid handling solutions into stock or to their manufacturing lines.
“As Trelleborg has such an extensive offering of solutions specific to virtually all fuid handling applications, it was not easy to put this online tool together. In development and testing for more than 18 months, the portal’s launch represents a major digital step forward in making it even easier to do business with us.”

Features on the Fluid Handling Solutions Web Portal include:
• Easy submission of technical inquiries
• Stock checks
• Orders can be followed from creation to delivery
• Regular order lists can be saved online making restocking easy
• A complete and up-to-date digital library of all the Trelleborg fluid handling
• Explore videos, guidelines, catalogs, brochures, technical drawings, cutaways, flyers
• Help videos and tutorials to guide users through the tool
The Fluid Handling Solutions Web Portal can be found at

You can also find an access from our web site, by clicking on the Customer Portal button on the header part.

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A Trelleborg Customer Portal to Make Fluid Handling Solutions Flow Even Easier 

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