What is END-FLEX all about  ?

This is the name for our integrated nipple-less swiveling flange design which can be built on specific hoses such as:

- PERFORMER A for abrasion
- PERFORMER C for chemicals
- FISH PUMP S for aquaculture

• It is a leak-proof connection with no need for an additional separate gasket as long as they are connected to Full Face flanges or between themselves (we recommend however to use flat fiber gasket in case of connection with RF (raised face) flanges).
• The geometrical continuity of the fluid way ensures full flow without turbulence and prevents localized head loss or premature tube wear. 
• The swiveling flange does not come into contact with the fluids. 
• END-FLEX® flange systems are lighter than conventional couplings.: about 60 % lighter than a standard end-fitting flange in 6’’ for instance 
• The swiveling flange will accommodate any misalignment of the stud holes, facilitating fitting and hose rotation. 

This field proven flange design makes the hose handling and connection easier for operators.

It is designed as follows:

• a steel ring embedded in a rubber bead which is built, molded and vulcanized along with the hose, 
• a steel swiveling flange which locates against the bead and is held in place by the steel ring,
• a rubber gasket integral with the bread, made of the same rubber as the hose tube.

Flange can be in stainless, zinc plated or plain steel and range from 25mm (1’’) to 508mm (20’’) ID. Drilling to PN10/16 or ASA 150 (PN20) and others upon request.

Some examples of implementation

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