Expansion Joints New Labelling

New labelling for Teguflex Expansion Joints
Better look - Easier process 

A unique band containing all information

The stickers and the colour band are replaced by a unique band for all sizes. The mould type description, this is P, W or C, and the material (HP, HO, LPG and FP) are eliminated.

Red, Yellow, HP, FKM and Green

 The colour band will integrate the brand name Teguflex®, Trelleborg logo and CE marking for the above rubber types.

Other Materials Band

HO, Red/Blue and Red/white

For Drinking Water we will use the standard EPDM band, adding a DW icon for clear identification.

Blue, Black, White, Orange

The band for these materials will contain Teguflex brand name, Trelleborg logo and CE marking, and it will be transparent. We will add another band for the colour.

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