API certification

SWILINE hoses for water intake are now API Spec 17K certified

Water intake for FPSO’s and even more for FLNG’s is a key feature in the gas liquefaction process.

In order to enhance the global efficiency of such systems increasing the inlet depth without any compromise on the operability, TRELLEBORG developed a dedicated hose for this application - named Swiline. 

Derived from our 40 years old expertise in dynamic oil transfer lines, the water intake hose design is adapted to this particular application.
Special rubber grades have been formulated especially versus hypochlorite that is most often used against marine growth depending on the inlet depth.
TRELLEBORG can propose a hose able to stand survival as well as recurrent sea conditions securing the liquefaction process with almost no maintenance for the whole service life.
We are proud to announce that this hose is now certified API Spec 17K which is recognized worldwide as the most demanding standard. 

From 20 to 44 inches we can meet your most severe requirements for a certified service life up to 30 years.
This certification is the natural prolongation of TRELLEBORG presence on this application for more than ten years now with several references on large diameter and significant water inlet depth.

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