10/2011 regulation

Do you know why rubber hoses do not fall into 10/2011 regulation for material and items in contact with food products ?

In regulation 1935/2004, European commission ruled that food contact materials (FCM) should meet the  applicable specific measures taken on the EU level.
Regulation 10/2011 applies to any plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
However, as stated in its article 2, point 2, this Regulation (10/2011) does not apply to the following materials and articles.

(a) ion exchange resins ;
(b) rubber ;
(c) silicones.

These excluded materials are intended to be covered by their own specific measures but, In the absence of such specific measures at the European level yet, Regulation 1935/2004 does not prevent Member States from maintaining or adopting national provisions.

Indeed, many member states already have their own national provisions when it comes to rubber.
To name a few :
- Germany : BfR recommendation XXI
- France : arrêté du 9 Novembre 1994 ( which is undergoing complete revision)
Italy : Decreto Ministeriale del 21/03/1973
Netherlands : Verpakkingen en gebruiksartikelenbesluit (Warenwet), chapter III
And so on.

Most of these provisions are regularly updated, taking into account latest development in scientific knowledge related to food / human safety, whether on the country or EU level.
For instance, many decided that the simulant list defined in 10/2011, annex III, should be used to measure global or specific migration levels.
You will find the details of the simulants used for each of our rubber hose in its corresponding FCM certificate.

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