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Mining operations are some of the most demanding and severe environments on earth.  We recognize the strain this places on your operations and have developed hassle free solutions and services that help you to optimize sustainability and maximize profit. With Trelleborg, you can be sure you have the best quality product and support: giving you one less thing to worry about.

Supporting Mining Operators

Hassle free service

We know you need to maximize your long term sustainability and profit, but you also need to balance these objectives with the responsibility of minimizing risk. 

We are committed to giving you the best value solutions that will help you meet and beat your KPIs. From straightforward installation, through to in-life support, we’re easy to do business with.

Bringing our vast experience to bear on your application, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and dependability, and can help you improve your knowledge.   

Optimized sustainability and maximized profit

Our high quality solutions offer you better value over the long term, and we respond quickly to deliver the proven and innovative solutions you need to succeed. This also provides another important thing - peace of mind for you.

We know that in such demanding environments, things can sometimes go wrong. That’s why we offer the highest levels of support, wherever and whenever you need us, with risk free, proven solutions and expertize to get you running again, and keep throughput up.

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